Laser Dentistry

For patients who do not look forward to needles, drilling, or numbness, laser dentistry may be the right choice.  This advanced method of treatment uses up-to-date technology to ensure very accurate procedures and an overall more comfortable when visiting at our office.

Areas of dental care that benefit from laser technology:

  • Cavity diagnosis and removal
  • Curing, or hardening bonding materials
  • Whitening teeth
  • Periodontal, or gum related care
  • Pediatric procedures
  • Apthous ulcer treatment (canker sore)
  • Frenectomy (tongue-tie release) without anesthesia or sutures
  • Root canal and apicoectomies
  • Crown lengthening, gingivectomy and other gum corrections

Biolase Waterlase®

Laser dentistry is one of dentistry’s latest advances that replaces the standard “drill”, which might cause a lot of noise and vibrations.  Our doctors use the Biolase Waterlase®, a laser that uses a combination of laser energy and water; a process called HydroPhotonicsTM.  Since the Waterlase® laser cuts hard and soft tissue without using heat, vibration or pressure, our doctors are often able to use less anesthesia. This type of high-tech dentistry also allows our doctors to do a wide range of procedures on teeth, gums and bone that are more comfortable.

There are many benefits with using Waterlase® dentistry.  In the case of dental fillings, through efficient accuracy and precision, laser dentistry increases the bond strength of the filling material. Due to its gentle cutting action and coagulating capabilities, the Waterlase® laser performs many procedures on gums and other soft tissues with little or no bleeding and less post-operative swelling.  Also, since you may not need shots of anesthesia, our doctors may be able to perform cavity preparations for dental fillings on several teeth at a time, rather than having to come back for multiple visits.

Diode Lasers

At our office, we have two portable diode lasers, the Biolase Ezlase™ and iLase™.  They are used for very precise control of tissue cutting for different procedures.

The Biolase Ezlase™ functions at a specific 940nm wavelength, developed exclusively for dentistry, which is better absorbed by hemoglobin.  This allows the laser to efficiently cut at lower power and with less heat, for a comfortable experience.  At the same time, it is also a powerful instrument, allowing the doctor to use up to 7 Watts of power.

The Biolase iLase™ is a wireless laser that allows our doctors to deliver laser energy in very short pulses of energy, assuring more comfort to our patients during the procedures, while also reducing the need for anesthetic.  It can perform at least 10 of the most common soft tissue procedures, reaching a peak of 5 Watts in laser power.

DIAGNOdent Laser

Lasers can be used to diagnose cavities. They can find hidden decay in teeth in early stages, and in some cases the decay can be reversed through hygiene and fluoride treatment and may never need filling. At our office, we use the KaVo DIAGNOdent laser to diagnose cavities.

It functions by operating at a wavelength of 655 nm. At this specific wavelength, clean healthy tooth structure exhibits little or no fluorescence, resulting in very low scale readings on the display. However, carious tooth structure will exhibit fluorescence, proportionate to the degree of caries, resulting in elevated scale readings on the display of the DIAGNOdent.